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Top 5 Ways to Save Your Digestion This Summer

Along with more daylight and warm breezes, I find summer brings more ease and flexibility in our routines. This can be both good and challenging for our health. Sleeping in later, staying up a bit longer to chat with friends in the backyard or spontaneous camping trips are reasonable changes your body will roll with. However, things like more patio beers, BBQs or late night parties can take their toll on your digestive health. Here's a way to still enjoy summer but save your gut at the same time.

1. Eat at regular times

  • Summer heat can suppress appetite, making you not hungry during the day but ravenous at night - eating at regular times will ensure you are not downing a whole pizza at 8pm because you've not eaten since breakfast

  • Keep gut-friendly easy snacks with you to snack on - nuts/seeds and fruit/veggies

2. Go prepared to a BBQ

  • Most BBQs are BYO-side so bring a dish that is gut-friendly - at least you'll have one option that won't upset your digestion

  • Consider bringing your own gluten-free buns, if you are gluten sensitive

3. More water than alcohol

  • Bring a large water bottle with you to the beach or parties - aim to have at least one cup water per alcoholic beverage

4. If you are going to drink alcohol, choose wisely

  • Limit heavy and sugary drinks like margaritas and beers, especially if you are gluten sensitive

  • Go for clear alcohols like gin, vodka or tequila and mix with soda water and lime

  • Cider and wine are good gluten free alternatives but do contain a good amount of sugar so have sparingly

5. Be flexible!

  • If you have a day where your only option was to have a greasy burger and coke, that is ok! Don't beat yourself up, just get back onto a diet that works well for your gut - consistency is everything

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