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Hormone Health

Our hormones are unique messengers controlling nearly every cell in the body affecting our moods, energy, periods, weight, skin and more.  To say the least, our bodies rely on these hormones to function its best.

Signs That May Indicate Hormonal Issues

When not functioning optimally, certain hormonal clues present, directing our attention that the root cause needs to be addressed.

Period Problems 

Period cramps, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, PMS, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, post-birth control issues


Inflammatory or cystic pimples on face or body, oily skin, constant or worse before the menstrual cycle 


Mood Imbalances

Anxiety, depression, PMS or PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), low libido

Fatigue / Burn out

History of high stress, feelings of exhaustion, lack of motivation

Thyroid Dysfunction

Low thyroid function presenting as hair loss, weight gain, cold temperature, constipation, fatigue

Excess thyroid function: anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia, sweating, weight loss

Metabolic Concerns

Weight gain, blood sugar dysregulation, metabolic syndrome


Digestive Issues

Irregular bowel movements, bloating, gas, food sensitivities

An Individualized, Holistic Approach to
Optimizing Hormones

Dr. Rochelle works with each patient individually connecting the dots to determine and treat the root cause of hormonal issues so her patients can get back to enjoying life. Despite what many people have come to expect, it is possible for periods to be regular and pain-free, weight stable, mood and energy balanced and skin radiant.

What to expect in your first visit with Dr. Rochelle

Detailed Health History

Detailed review of hormonal symptoms


Exploration of other body systems as interrelate to hormones - diet, digestion, sleep, exercise, autoimmune disease and and more

Testing as Indicated

Serum hormone testing 

Urine or saliva hormone testing

Stress markers


Digestive health markers


Hormonal education & empowerment


Dietary recommendations

Choice supplements and hormone therapy as indicated

Lifestyle adjustments

Treatment will be further curated depending on test results

As the care Dr. Rochelle provides is unique to the needs of her patients, assessments and treatment approaches will vary.

The Goal? 
Optimal Hormonal Function for Balanced Health

Patients can expect to feel empowered and completely supported in their hormone health journey when working with Dr. Rochelle.


In closely monitoring response to treatment with follow-up visits and adjusting treatment as necessary, Dr. Rochelle's #1 goal for patients is to achieve long-lasting results.

Monitor Progress

Check in on a regular schedule to continue treatment progress

Review expected outcomes

Adjust Treatment

Based on progress, adjust treatment 

Dietary changes 

Supplement and hormone therapy dosages

Lifestyle supports


Maintenance of Balance

Once results achieved, check in as needed to maintain optimal hormone function

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