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Most extended health insurance covers naturopathic services - check with your provider

Direct billing available with most extended health plans

75 minutes 



A comprehensive assessment in determining the root cause of your health concerns.  Including discussions of past personal and family medical history, lifestyle and diet assessment, utilization of lab testing and physical exams when indicated.

Initial treatment will be provided and further curated in return visits. 

15 - 60 minutes 

$60 - $210


Follow-up visits to assess treatment, make adaptations, continue care

45  minutes



New patients to Dr. Rochelle seeking acupuncture require an Initial Visit to assess health concerns, develop an acupuncture protocol + enjoy 45 minutes of acupuncture.


Returning patients experience 45 minutes of acupuncture with treatment adjustments as necessary.

5-10 minutes

$25 - $40


Intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 + vitamin D are an efficient means to improve levels as determined to be deficient by testing

Questions about extended health benefit coverage or costs? Click the button below to speak to a receptionist.

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