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Are You Deficient in Vitamin G?

Vitamin G can help to to lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress) levels, improve mood, sleep and overall well-being. Research has shown that just 20 minutes exposure to Vitamin G is all you need.

What exactly is Vitamin G?

Vitamin Green! AKA nature, AKA getting outside into the natural world. Not something you can take in pill or powder form, or add to a smoothie - however convenient that would be. Nature time is something we all likely grew up doing without even thinking about it. I would bet you that most children you know inherently love getting outside to play. As humans, it is ingrained in us because it is where fresh, clean air is; where historically we went to find food and to find others.

How do I get more Vitamin G?

The obvious answer here: get outside! Living in British Columbia, Canada, we have the immense privilege of oceans, mountains and forests in our backyard. There are many hikes within a short drive, all of which range from an easy stroll to hard climb. Abundant camp and recreational sites for day or overnight use, as well as beaches galore. The key here is NOT the EFFORT exerted to be outside - it is simply BEING outside.

But what if you live in the middle of the city and don't have a car?

No problem. Many cities recognize the immense benefit of green space or public parks for their citizens' wellbeing; so much so that it is mandated into many development plans. Try going for a short walk at lunch and see what green spaces you can find. Even walking around the block looking at trees and your neighbours' yard counts.

But what if I can't get outside?

If you work in an office most of your day, or have mobility issues restricting your access to the outdoors, simply LOOKING at nature has similar health benefits. That might mean you take your lunch break by a window looking outside (at something green - a tree, park, garden) or you set your screen saver to a nature scape (think your next vacation spot).

So, the next time you may be feeling overwhelmed with the workload you have to do, or a big decision is weighing on you - get your dose of Vitamin G: try going for walk around the block or out for a hike - just 20 minutes is all you need.

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