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A modern approach to healthcare, targeting the root cause of concern and providing naturally-focused, tailored treatments for long-lasting results

Discover The Dr. Rochelle Difference

Dr. Rochelle has the experience and reputation of providing customized, naturally-focused health care to achieve long-lasting results.

Prioritizing patient-centred care, she works closely with her patients at every step of the way, listening to their needs and empowering each patient to take control of their health.


10+ years of combined education and practice experience in the health care field with a priority to stay on top of the ever-evolving research

Individualized Treatment

Using a variety of naturally-focused therapies, Dr. Rochelle customizes each patient's health plan to their needs and abilities

Advanced Diagnostics

Pairing her sharp clinical skills with diagnostic testing to determine and resolve the root cause of concern

True Care

Invested in each of her patient's health journey, Dr. Rochelle prioritizes listening and learning from her patients just as much as they do from her


IBS, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), constipation, diarrhea, reflux/heartburn, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, candida and parasitic infections, dysbiosis

PMS, painful or irregular and heavy periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, perimenopause and menopause

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, hives, tinea/ring worm, rashes, hair loss


Stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and sleep disorders

Hypothyroidism, burn out / fatigue, adrenal dysfunction, hormonal acne

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Dr. Rochelle offers complimentary 15 minute discovery appointments (virtual or in person) to see if she is a good fit to assist you in your health journey

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